Reuven Milon
1928 - 2023

1928 - Born in Jerusalem.
1948 - Fought in Gush Etzion and was captured by Jordan.
1949 - Began filming. His first camera was bought on his return from captivity in Jordan.
1950 - Graduate the Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem.
1959 - Studied photography at the Technion in Haifa.
From 1967 become professional photographer, for the Israel Museum and others.
His personal preference is a black and white works.

The Subjects of his work is Daily Life and special events in Jerusalem.

1982 - "Photography In Israel" exhibition, Betzalel, Jerusalem.
1974 - "Matzav" exhibition, Israel Museum Jerusalem.
1982 - 101 years of settlement exhibition. Farag Pery Galery, Tel-Aviv.
1984 - "Retrospective" exhibition, Bet-Haomanim, Jerusalem.
1987 - "The New Bezalel 1955 - 1935" exhibition, Bet-Haomanim Jrusalem and the Tel-Aviv Museum.
1987 - "Jerusalem 1967, captive in her dream", Israel Museum Jerusalem.
1996 - Single Exhibition "Jerusalem - Old and New" Museum Yad Lebanim Petah Tikva and Jerusalem Theater.
2002 - "Behivaled Am" exhibition, photographs of the state early years, the Jerusalem Theater.
2008 - "Jerusalem" exhibition, Beit Gabriel.
2020 - "Reuven Milon - Jerusalem Photographer" exhibition, ICC Jerusalem. Curator: Eran Litvin.

1952 - The first national photo competition prize, the Government Press Office.
1954 - First Prize Photo Competition, Bezalel Academy.
1967 - First Prize, Sculpture Garden exhibition, Israel Museum Jerusalem.
1974 - Kavlin Award, "Matzav" exhibition, Israel Museum Jerusalem.
2008 - Kavlin Art and Design Award, for lifetime achievement in photography, Israel Museum Jerusalem.

Everything is Photographs
Publisher: Reuven Milon, March 2019.
הספר הכל צילומים - כריכה קידמית הספר הכל צילומים - כריכה אחורית After 70 years of photography, I published a book of my own. From my private archive of about a quarter of a million historical pictures, from the time of the establishment of Israel to our present day. I chose to share with you a selected photographs describing my beloved Jerusalem, the city where I was born and fought for. Through the pictures you can go on a journey while describing the beating heart of the developing city. The historical events, buildings, markets and the people who live there. In my stories you can look with a curious eye as reflected in the camera, experience "Jerusalem long ago" and fall in love with it every time.

Abstract of the Prologue